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May 7

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No matter how it may seem you are chosen? Our spiritual story can get lost in the challenges and difficulties of life. We don't feel chosen anymore. We feel lost and forgotten. Writing in a journal, keeping a personal journal or prayer journal can help us find our way back to the place where life makes sense and we have a sense of purpose. Journal writing can remind us of who we are and why God has chosen us.

Many of us feel like life is beating us down. Sometimes it seems like things have been too dark for a little too long. Right now my spiritual story doesn't seem very "chosen." My dad failed his cancer screening, my mom is wheelchair bound, my husband has heart disorder, someone I love is regularly attached to an oxygen tank, a good friend of mine is struggling in a miserable relationship and my brother is being abused by his employer. This world is a hard place and I don't see anyone looking like they are very "chosen" these days. I use my prayer journal to sort this stuff out so I can keep my eyes fixed on the truth that God is at work in the lives off all these special people. My personal journal reminds me that they are chosen too. If find hope in knowing that each of us is not forgotten.

Writing in a journal connects me to God and makes my personal journal a place where my spiritual story can be explored. Journal writing lets me keep track of my spiritual memoir. It doesn't matter if no one sees my story inside my prayer journal. The fact that my story is private doesn't make it any less powerful. Even if it's for my eyes only, my journal writing keeps me rooted in the truth that I am chosen regardless of my circumstances. Writing in a journal is my fuel for purposeful, meaningful and hopeful living.

I hope this blog inspires you to consider that you are chosen by God for a special purpose. I also hope that you will consider writing in a journal as a means for exploring your spiritual story: your spiritual memoir. Journal writing inside a prayer journal or personal journal can bring new meaning to life's challenges. I blog here with the hope that the tools that bring me hope will become tools that bring you hope too. Please share and encourage us if you are writing in a journal. We'd like to learn about you and and what your personal journal means to you. If you share, others will be listening. You might encourage someone to share their story too.

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