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Sep 12

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I have hoped for so many things. I say to God, “But I Had Hoped….” If I could think clearly and have the old places healed, if my damaged parts could be glued back together, if my inclination was to love, if I needed no drugs for my body to work right, if my passion returned then…….???? I have hoped for so many things: for my thoughts to be His thoughts, for my passion to be His passion and that I would ache for good things. What I’d do have Him reach out and touch me. He could touch me and make me whole. Then my dreams would be His dreams. My mind would be pure and whole.

All of this would only cover me. It doesn’t even begin to include what I have hoped for others: for my mom to be whole, for my son’s sickness to stop and my husband’s body to heal are prayers that make just the beginning of my list. My list of hopes is huge. God says He’s on the move. He says He’s working on my list. Today all I see is that what I have hoped for is much unrealized.

I believe, contrary to what appears to be true, that God’s power is unlimited. Today I have my list, today I still pray and I still hope.

I keep a spiritual journal. It’s a place where I can write down my hopes and prayers. It’s a place for my, dreams, sadness, passion, wishes, disappointments and desires. I’m not alone as I’m keeping my spiritual journal: God is right there with me. Journaling, for me, isn’t a private activity. It’s a conversation with an unlimited God who knows all about my list. He gives me hope even when things seem pretty hopeless.
Is your list of hopes as huge as mine? I want to encourage you to find a voice for all your hopes and dreams. Don’t let your feelings remain so private that you can’t find space to share them. A spiritual journal can become your place to open up your heart to God and give him a chance to be on the move for you. Spiritual journal writing breaks down barriers between you and your creator. Spiritual journals reconnect you with the unlimited power of an unlimited God who can bring you comfort, hope and peace despite the place you find yourself. Please pick up a pen and find a place to place your heart. Don’t stay locked up and alone.
If you’d like, you can share excerpts from your spiritual journal right here at the Journey on Canvas Blog. We’d be encouraged by what you have to say and what God has to say to you. As you share what God as revealed to you, chances are good that He will speak words of hope to us through you. Maybe you’ll give us a glimpse of how unlimited God is in spite of the limits that we perceive? Please let this blog become a place where you can share. We are waiting for words of hope straight from you.

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