Live Large: Expect More From Your Spiritual Autobiography!

Mar 14

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I had forgotten the truth about what was possible. Life was better than it had been for a long time: I could sleep, the anxiety was gone and my body didn’t hurt anymore. These were great perks of a pill that also left me flat. I was once a woman who could feel deeply, weep and experience great joy, but I had come down a few notches. I was grateful in spite of what I had lost. I could be a good mother now and I could help people instead of needing their help. These were good things. The problem was that I was resigned: resigned to the idea that I had gotten all the freedom I was going to get.
At a church service I recently heard an encouragement. With great enthusiasm I heard the words “Don’t live in a small place.” I thought about my small place: the place where life was better than it had been and I was resigned. Something stirred inside me and said, “Maybe there’s more, Alisa?” I thought about how I once prayed. When I prayed I could imagine the very arms of Jesus holding me. I sensed His presence: my arms tingling, tears spilling out of my eyes and my heart full of joy. I realized this was an experience I no longer had since the pill and I realized my resignation. Some part of me had died when I decided that this experience would no longer be mine. I realized that I was living in a small place. I saw how I believed that God wasn’t big enough to bring me back to Him.
Your story is big even when it feels small. Don’t live in a small place. I tried it already and it doesn’t work. Expect more from life. Expect more from God. He’s big enough to bring you more freedom. He’s big enough to give you a life that’s more wonderful than you’ve ever imagined. He’s powerful enough to use your story to powerfully change the lives of those around you.  Expect big things from your spiritual autobiography: expect big things from your journey shared with others.
Expecting more is hard when the everyday ups and downs of life cause us to lose touch with God’s purpose and plan for our lives. One way we can stay connected with God’s plan for our lives is by encouraging each other on the journey. That’s why I am asking you to expect more today and to use this blog as a place to encourage others to expect more. I’m also asking you to feel free to share your story here so that you can stay more connected to God and his plan and purpose for your spiritual autobiography. You have a story and God wants to use it. Share it here and encourage us all. You just might find yourself in a larger place filled with hope, joy and plans for your story.
Don’t do it. Don’t ever live in a small place. Embrace the largeness of your story. Embrace the largeness of all our stories. Together we can all live in a larger place.

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