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Feb 24

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I was told a story of a woman who was bound by threads. She was put in a chair and tied up. The situation was meant to intimidate her, make a point and stop her. It wasn’t logical that a spool of thread could hold her but she had a choice to make. Either she could succumb or overcome.

Maybe you think this scenario is ridiculous? Who would ever believe that a spool of thread could bind them? Yet, what ridiculousness intimidates us? I know that I am bound by threads. One negative comment can leave me feeling small, worthless and lost. How is it that a few words can work me over so easily?
The threads don’t have to bind us. We can break through them, but we need a little help. We need someone who can help us stand up and break free. Who can help us remember who we are so that the smallness doesn’t overtake us? I don’t know about you, but I need God to remind me that a spool of thread can’t hold me. I need His logical, anti-ridiculous, thread breaking power. My God is bigger than a spool of thread and His very Spirit dwells within my soul. That means that I have what it takes. I can break through them: the things that keep me unnecessarily bound.
We can break through together. By sharing the spiritual stories of our lives, the stories of victory, darkness, joy, and hope, we can rip the threads (and chains) that bind us. In isolation we believe lies about the darkness we walk in. When we share, light comes into our lives and pushes back the darkness. Let this blog be a place where you and I both share and then discover that the world is infinitely brighter.
Our spiritual stories have power. Our spiritual autobiographies, or spiritual memoirs, are chain breakers. One story of hope ignites another. One journey of victory brings someone else to victory. Your story has power. Share it. Share it here. Someone is listening and needs to hear your story.

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