Spiritual Autobiography: New Friends On Your Journey

Feb 11

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Sometimes we don’t believe what we should. It’s like someone needs to come and clean out our brains. Who has access to our thoughts, beliefs and our very brain cells? Who can unlock our brains? It seems we’ve lost the key. We make the same mistakes over and over again, we think the same thoughts repeatedly and our beliefs are deeply ingrained inside our heads. We’ve lost the key to that which we should open: to clean house, to reorder and set right. It’s like we’re a closed window. The whole world is just on the other side of the pane. All we need is to get opened up so we can breathe fresh, new air.

Everything we’ve needed for greater fulfillment, peace and joy is just beyond our reach, though. Unlike a window which we can simply use our hands to lift open, our brains don’t allow such easy access. God is the only one who can reach inside our very selves and clean house. If we invite Him, He will come and open us up, clean us out and get us going in the right direction. We can’t do it alone but we can ask Him to help us. God will clean it out. He’ll change us from the inside out.
I need God to clean me from the inside out. How about you? I wish he worked a little faster at making me, and everything about me, perfect, healed and brand new. Don’t you? We know the truth about how he works, though. He works when we are willing to do the work. We can let God “clean it out” but we still need to be with Him on the job. Right now we (me and my family) are in the middle of a painful financial struggle. I could be resentful, and have a pity party. Or, I can have eyes that are willing to see that God is on the job: He’s cleaning us out. Suddenly, we have a whole new list of priorities. Everything in our household is being questioned and challenged in good and healthy ways. We’re choosing to join God on His job of answering our prayers: our prayers for a healthier, happier and well prioritized life.
Is anyone out there letting God clean them out today? Is anyone in the middle of a God Challenge that’s changing them in new and wondrous ways? Are you someone who is praying that God will change you from the inside out? Perhaps you are a person who is in the trenches with God as they reach for greater fulfillment, peace and joy? Wherever you’re at with the process of getting yourself going in the right direction, we’d like to travel with you. Let this blog be a place where you let others join in your journey so you’re not cleaning house all alone. God would like it if others helped you out with the work He’s given you to do. Share your story and you’ll have some new friends on your journey.
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