Spiritual Memoir: Breaking the Limits With Your Story

Nov 29

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11/29/2010 11:19 AM  RssIcon

Limitations are a curse. We put them on ourselves, others and on God. The truth is that we are not stuck: we have the freedom to move, access the Spirit of life within us and rise to the top. I need to remember that there is a destiny and a purpose for my life and the lives of others. God has a call on our lives and there is no wall that can hold us back if we choose to answer that call.

“Don’t live in controlled freedom.” These are not my words but I have written them down to share, ponder and learn from. They are words that challenge limitations. They say, “You can have so much more than you imagine! Reach for more! Want more! Don’t be satisfied with less. Don’t sit back. Don’t be so cautious, careful and casual. Reach for real, outrageous, abundant freedom!”
I want to break the limits. I want to have it all. I don’t want to be stuck. I want to rise to the mountaintops, experience the wonder of all I can be and touch the sky. I want to believe that limitations are a lie and that I can reach the pinnacle of all God has for me. That’s why I’m gonna break the limits.
Breaking the limits is part of our spiritual story. It’s a theme that weaves its way through the lives of those who want more from life and are pushing forward for more. Our spiritual autobiography is touched by the desire to have everything God has for us. Whether we realize it or not, our spiritual memoir tells the story of desire: the desire to be what God intended us to be. It doesn’t matter if we tell our story in a formal way or if we just live our lives and let our story tell itself by the way we live. Either way we are on a journey, we have a journey to share and our journey is lived out as we are living.
Just by choosing to breathe we are all saying something about our story. The question is, “How to we want to live out our stories?” We can sit back and play it safe, or we can live with power and guts. We can live within limits or we can break them. Choosing to breathe is just the bare bones of living. So much more is out there for us if we are willing to break out of our present situations and take a leap towards outrageous, abundant freedom.
Today I want to break the limits. Anybody else want to break the limits today? Is anyone besides me sick of being locked in by the expectations of others and the expectations we have put on ourselves? Is anyone tired of accepting the status quo and the bare minimum from life? Are you like me today: feeling like God’s call on your life is a million miles from tangible and real? Share your thoughts and feelings with me (with us) today. Let this blog become a place where we can all begin to break free from the limits, find freedom to move and find a way to rise to the top of it all.

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