Spiritual Memoir: Change the World

Nov 29

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11/29/2010 10:18 AM  RssIcon

I believe that our silent thoughts, prayers and petitions can be heard. I have faith that God knows the passion inside our hearts. This doesn’t make any sense in the natural world, but I believe God can hear our hearts. I even think the sound of our hearts is a song in God’s ears.

I wonder what would happen if we made that song really loud. We could join hands and pray with a whole bunch of people at the same time, and God just might hear our concert of prayer. I trust that barriers between people could be broken down if they let themselves be united by the simple act of prayer. Race, religion and social status could melt away with the knowledge that we have a song to sing together. With what divides us gone, the song of our prayer might rattle the Heavens and we could “Change the World.”
I know that our prayers make a difference because of the stories: the stories of God moving through prayer to change the lives of the people around me. Not all the stories are mine and that’s the fantastic part. So many people have their own story regardless of their situation, status or background. There are countless stories of God moving powerfully in response to prayer. When we share these stories we build each other’s faith and increase our willingness to step forward in prayer.
Make today your day for sharing a piece of your story: a snippet from your own spiritual autobiography, a snapshot out of your spiritual memoir. Let us hear how God has heard your prayers and moved in response to change the world. Share your story and give us all a little more faith to believe that our prayers really do change the world. Take a risk today, and make this blog a place to tell a story that will build our faith and join us together in prayer. Then we can all change the world one God story at a time.

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