Is Codependency Part of Your Story?

Sep 27

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Does caring about what others think dominate your story? Is Opinion your Lord? Has the way people influenced and ruled your life come to define you? The answers to these questions can be a short assessment for codependency. Caring about what others think, having Opinion be your Lord, and finding that people rule your life are characteristics of codependency. Identifying codependency in your relationships is one of the first steps you can take towards overcoming it. We can all identify codependency in our relationships, overcome the influence codependency has over us and celebrate evidence of codependency recovery together. Denying codependency in our lives leaves us stuck in it. Dealing with codependency is an opportunity to enjoy new freedom in our relationships and in our lives.

There are many codependency recovery steps that you can choose from. You can join a support group, work with a qualified counselor, speak with your pastor, surround yourself with the support of a few good people and read about the ways you can move towards greater wellness. Regardless of your beliefs, there are steps that you can take to get healthier. Just the simplicity of a good diet and regular exercise can help you get on top of codependent behaviors. You can choose to make “getting the help you need” part of your personal story.
Make sure you make a plan for getting the support you need. It is not prudent to try to handle more than you can on your own. Support groups and professional services are indispensible weapons for overcoming our greatest difficulties. Churches, counselors and support groups want to help. Take some time to write up your personal support plan inside your journal. Make a commitment to follow your plan so that you can begin to celebrate your own recovery. Trust that God will help you find a place for recovery inside your spiritual story.
Maybe you would like to take codependency recovery one step further? Consider sharing your spiritual autobiography (your spiritual story)as a way to celebrate codependency recovery. Whenever you experience freedom from codependency, finding yourself less and less burdened by the need to please and fix others, you’ve had an experience worth celebrating and sharing. The people around you will be encouraged, and motivated to find their own freedom from codependency, as you share your own stories of freedom and recovery.
Maybe you’d like to let this blog be a place to start sharing your story? We’d love to be encouraged by your journey towards freedom. We’d love to hear what you have to share. Make a comment and let the giving and sharing begin!

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