Prayer and Our Spiritual Autobiography

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I recently went on a retreat. The speaker talked about worship and prayer. She said our prayers had a sound, especially when we joined together: praying and worshipping simultaneously and passionately. I like to imagine that somehow, our silent prayers make a noise that reaches the Heavens. It is possible that as more voices join together, the greater the sound, and the more likely our petitions will reach the throne of God. I made a painting about this type of prayer. It’s called Joined Together and it is about our united prayers being strong enough to reach God’s ears. As I made Joined Together I imagined that nothing was required (to make our prayers have a sound) but the simple, peaceful act of holding hands, joining together and asking God for help. If we can remember to “Join Together” maybe our prayers will be so clearly received by God that they will change the world?

I think it’s important that we think about the place of prayer in our spiritual stories. It’s important because the way we pray becomes a part of our story. It also becomes a part of the story of the person we pray for. Our spiritual autobiographies are not complete without exploring what we believe, how we behave and how we join together in respect to prayer. When my last day is done, I pray that my life will tell the story of a woman who joined together with others in prayer.
What are your thoughts on prayer? How do you feel about joining together with others so the song of your heart is heard in the Heavens? Will you pray in unison with those who have different beliefs but are united with you in praying for the same cause? Is your life story dominated by praying in isolation? In groups united for a cause? With those whom you share the same or different beliefs? Maybe you don’t pray at all because you don’t believe that its sound will be heard? What are your thoughts on joining together in prayer? Share about the place of prayer within your story.

You Can View the Painting "Joined Together" at

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