Celebrate the Healing Power of Art!

Mar 13

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Everyone has their own unique voice for their story. Journey on Canvas was created as a way to help others find that voice. That's why I was excited to learn about Manhattan Arts International's Healing Power of Art Campaign. As part of the campaign Manhattan Arts International has created a list of partners and resources that support art and it's amazing power to heal. These partners and resources have a story to tell and they've used art to tell it. In the case of this initiative (and very often in our own lives), the story is one of healing. Here's where you can learn more about The Healing Power of Art: http://www.manhattanarts.com/Gallery/HealingPowerofArt_2010/HealingPartners.htm

Another wonderful resource created as part of this initiative is The Healing Power of Art Blog. It's a place where you can see art and learn about the story behind it. You can also learn about the artist behind the art: their story and their reason for creating. Please consider visiting the blog and learning more: http://healingpowerofart.blogspot.com/

Whether you think art might be a way to tell your story or not, you can still celebrate The Healing Power of Art. Maybe art making won't become a voice for your journey, but you can learn so much by listening to the voices of others. Please consider taking the time to check out these wonderful resources, and please let us know if they inspire you, guide you or, perhaps, heal you! Come celebrate with us and don't forget to come back and share! We want to know what you think about art and its power to heal.

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Recent Work!

Take Apart 2,
Age 45

I am in the throes of taking apart my old art: the art that doesn't please me in its entirety. I love pieces of these pieces though, so I start to use them. I make some new work that is not entirely new. I make something better from something not quite right. It is satisfying.

Past Work!

Old Junk
Age 42

I’m gonna pull that Old Junk out of my head. I’m not going to give it a chance to play its old song of doubt, fear and sadness. Instead, I’m going to believe something new, write a new song and let that new tape play. Old tape out, new tape in!