Buttons and Peacock Feathers, 2016


Spiritual Autobiography Art!

One way to share your spiritual autobiography is through art. Creativity is an excellent venue for sharing your spiritual memoir. Your spiritual story can be told on a piece of paper with words or on a canvas with paints. Consider using writing and art to tell even more about your story. Learn more about spiritual autobiography art by checking out the paintings below, visiting Alisa's blog or reading the captions below Alisa's paintings. Checking out these resources will give you ideas about how you can use art to tell your story.

Here you will find recent spiritual memoir art made by Alisa E. Clark. Visit Alisa's blog to learn more about her spiritual autobiography art at http://www.journeyoncanvas.com/dnn/Resources/Blog.aspx

Visit the homepage of Journey on Canvas to learn more about spiritual autobiography and how to keep a spiritual journal: http://www.journeyoncanvas.com/dnn/Home.aspx

More Buttons and Feathers

323 Buena Vista Road 
Collage Series:

Peacock Collage, Age 46

Yarn Swirl Collage, Age 46

Peacock Feather Collage 2, Age 46

Orange Skittle Collage, Age 46

Yarn Swirl and Skittle Collage, Age 46

Collage Exploration Series:

Take Apart 1, Age 45

Take Apart 2, Age 45

Take Apart 3, Age 45

Take Apart 4, Age 45