Spiritual Autobiography Press Release!

Read Dancing in the Doghouse:

Read this press release to learn about the ways spiritual memoir, or spiritual autobiography, can help you share your spiritual story! See a Christian autobiography example and learn how writing an autobiography can help communicate your spiritual autobiography.

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Discover New Hope for You and Your Story!

Book author Alisa E. Clark has launched her spiritual autobiography, Dancing in the Doghouse, as a powerful encouragement for those facing life’s obstacles. If you need a new lease on life, this book will help you find the energy and enthusiasm needed to start fresh, new and with great hope for the future.

Lifelong metaphorical writer and artist, Alisa E. Clark, tells a story of encouragement by combining four decades of words and images to create her story of hope: Dancing in the Doghouse. To provide a place for people to recognize her source of hope, Alisa has created Journey on Canvas: a website loaded with resources for anyone who needs some hope and help on their journey. Journey on Canvas is also the launching pad for Dancing in the Doghouse, allowing viewers to see the many ways Alisa has used words and images to tell her story. Visitors will also find opportunities to pay it forward: suggestions for beginning to tell one’s own story, a blog for sharing hope with others and journaling resources for beginning story tellers are all available through Journey on Canvas. Alisa wants people to share the hope they have to offer others and uses her book and website to activate people to tell their story.

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Need A New Lease On Life: Start With Fresh Hope For the Future!

Read Dancing in the Doghouse:

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed to reach a wider audience

Find New Ways of Telling Your Story!

Technology has given our stories a powerful voice which reaches far beyond previous borders. On-line chat rooms are filled with the voices of those with a story to tell and the people who support them. Videos addressing the realities of our journey are a click away. Free social networking and micro blogging networks are everywhere. Print on demand allows just about anyone to become and author who changes the perceptions of a larger audience. The day to blow stigmas wide open has arrived. Today our journey can reach the world.

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Dancing in the Doghouse: New Ways of Telling Your Story

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Recent Work On My Journey!

Transition Collage
Age 45


I am trying to overcome my frustration with realism. I hate the fact that people don't like my art because it doesn't look real. I've actually deconstructed a bunch of my old paintings: cut them apart and reassembled them. It's called my 323 Buena Vista Road Collage Series. I'm trying to capture the beauty of my childhood home thru collage, pattern and abstraction. I use the bits and pieces of old paintings and collages that have dissatisfied me to make the series. I hacked at my art with a razor blade: sliced it into chunks and used the parts to make something new. I wasn't pleased with the results back then when I was 45, but something exciting happened when I was 47. My 323 Buena Vista Road Mixed Media Series pulls it all together. My ability to use some realism, in combination with collage and abstraction, is artistic maturity. I realize that other people may not get it that this is artistic maturity, but I know it is. I have taken my past work and integrated it with my present. I know what I am making is good. Who cares if you think it's no good because it doesn't look "real." My Transition Collage is the spark that ignites this new direction for me. I am pleased.

Latest work!

Jesus Touches Me Painting
Draw Close,
Age 41

Dear Lord,

Please draw close to me: really, really close. Draw close and fill my emptiness in a way that's tangible. Draw close as though I could feel your hands in mine, your body surrounding mine- your spirit spilling into me. Dance with me so that it feels like it's really happening: so you're not "out there" somewhere. Be near, draw close, touch me and change me. Give me the faith to trust it's true; you're more than enough to take care of my emptiness.

Please, Lord,

Eye on Fire Art
But I Had Hoped...
Age 42

I had hoped for so many things. I say to God, “But I Had Hoped….” If I could think clearly and have the old places healed, if my damaged parts could be glued back together, if my inclination was to love, if I needed no drugs for my body to work right, if my passion returned then…….???? I have hoped for so many things: for my thoughts to be His thoughts, for my passion to be His passion and that I would ache for good things. What I’d do have Him reach out and touch me. He could touch me and make me whole. Then my dreams would be His dreams. My mind would be pure and whole.  

All of this would only cover me. It doesn’t even begin to include what I have hoped for others: for my mom to be whole, for my son’s sickness to stop and my husband’s body to heal are prayers that make just the beginning of my list. My list of hopes is huge.  God says He’s on the move. He says He’s working on my list. Today all I see is that what I have hoped for is much unrealized. 

I believe, contrary to what appears to be true, that God’s power is unlimited. Today I have my list, today I still pray and I still hope.