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The Journey on Canvas Spiritual Autobiography Event Calendar is a place to check out recent spiritual autobiography events! Find out about spiritual memoir, spiritual writing and writing memoirs at the Event Calendar!

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Reflections Magazine
Cover Art

Yale School of Divinity Shares
Joined Together

Episcopal Church of the Visual Arts Open Studio 2012 Exhibition

See Spiritual Autobiography Art:  “Self Portrait” Mixed Media, by Alisa E. Clark


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Writers on the River: A Michigan Author Event

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Meet Alisa and 50 Michigan Authors at the 13th Annual Writers on the River

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Kerrytown Bookfest Exhibitor Alisa E. Clark Shares Her Spiritual Autobiography

September 11, 2011

Meet Alisa, the author of Dancing in the Doghouse: Sharing God’s Presence in Everyday Places, and learn about spiritual autobiography.

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Episcopal Church of the Visual Arts Open Studio 2011 Exhibition

See Spiritual Autobiography Art:  “I Get to Choose,” Mixed Media, by Alisa E. Clark


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Codependency and My Journey: Alisa Shares Her Story

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at Life Care Christian Center

Calvary Missionary Church 6 Mile Rd just West of Middlebelt in Livonia, Michigan


Your Story, My Story: The Life Changing Power of Sharing Our Lives

Thursday, January 6th at 7pm at Calvary Presbyterian Church

What do with a life that isn’t easy? Author Alisa E. Clark shares the ups and downs of her life through her spiritual memoir, Dancing in the Doghouse. Hear about Alisa’s journey and discover ways to comfort and encourage others with yours. Save Thursday, January 6th, and come to Calvary Presbyterian Church for an evening of hope and the hope of sharing. Q&A will follow the seminar.

Calvary Presbyterian Church is at 2727 Fernwood Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

For information on Calvary Presbyterian Church visit their website at http://www.calvarya2.com/


Alisa E. Clark and Spiritual Autobiography at the Gala Book Fair:

Changing the world, one life at a time through the power of the written word!

Meet Alisa, the author of Dancing in the Doghouse: Sharing God’s Presence in Everyday Places, and other Christian authors with a mission and a message!

Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 - Sunday, December 12th, 2010 from 5-9:30pm


Episcopal Church of the Visual Arts Justice and Peace 2010 Exhibition

“Joined Together,” Mixed Media, by Alisa E. Clark


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An Evening of Book Discussion:

Dancing in the Doghouse by Alisa E. Clark

October 5th, 2010

Join us as Alisa discusses her spiritual autobiography and answers reader's questions!

Crossroads Community Church @ 28900 Pontiac Trail, South Lyon, MI  48178


Michigan Literary Network and Dancing in the Doghouse

Host Sylvia Hubbard Interviews Alisa E. Clark on Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday April 21st, 2010

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Dancing in the Doghouse Readings by Alisa E. Clark

Hear excepts from Alisa's spiritual autobiography at





Recent Work!

Take Apart 3,
Age 45

I just can't believe how powerful the process of art making is for me. At Pratt, my art education teachers were wise women. They talked about the process not the product. Some people consider Pratt to be one of the best art schools in the world. An incredible faculty built that reputation. I was taught well by them and they passed on the knowledge they gained from a lifetime of mastering their craft. They'd be proud of me for making this piece. Don't get me wrong. They'd tell me how to make it better. They might even rip it to shreds. They'd do it to make me better. With all this influence, all my hard work and some talent mixed in, I've reached a place where I can have the opinion of a wise woman too. Here's the irony: at my last performance review as an art educator, I received an average rating from an administrator. She was not an artist, but she had an opinion about what I should be doing as I taught art to others. Our society is all about the product, the outcome and making people smarter. I was evaluated based on what my students learned. The problem was the expectation that the students should learn more about how to talk about art rather than creating it. I was to have a room full of very intelligent and verbose art appreciators. In my opinion, that puts the cart before the horse. How can you truly appreciate something you have not experienced? The piece of art you see here may not mean much to you. Maybe you'd say my artistic performance here has been average. Well, I like the product, but the process is what has brought me to the place where I know my performance rating is not average. The process is where the power lies. Rate that.

Past Work!

Woman Dancing
Dancing for Joy,
Age 43

I created my painting, Dancing for Joy, on a day when I was full of joy. It was a day when all the "important things" were taken care of well enough to pause and take a reach for something really satisfying. I got out my canvas, paints and brushes, and then I created. My choice to paint allowed me to experience joy. Some things had to be set aside to create my painting. Some things needed to be let go. My happiness wasn't determined by what happened to me that day. It was determined by my choices. I created a space to have joy and I used it.