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At Journey on Canvas you will find contact information for spiritual autobiography and help to share your story. Writing memoirs is possible through spiritual journaling! Contact us for assistance!

Background and Mission: 

Alisa E. Clark believes in the power of spiritual autobiography: to reveal God’s constant presence in our daily lives. While receiving her B.F.A. from Pratt Institute, and her M.S. in education, Alisa began encouraging spiritual exploration in the field of art, as well as the fields of secular and Christian education. Since writing her own spiritual autobiography, Alisa has begun to seek for ways to share her story and encourage others to do the same. Alisa trusts that by sharing the challenges of her own journey she will be able to help others share and encourage others in return.

Suggestions for beginning and sharing one’s own spiritual autobiography, excerpts from Alisa’s journey, as well as an opportunity to purchase Alisa's spiritual autobiography (Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories) has been made available on her website: www.journeyoncanvas.com

At Journey on Canvas, you can learn about Alisa's own spiritual autobiography, Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories. Alisa also wrote and illustrated Baby Swims: A Swimming Lesson for Toddlers to help children overcome fear and have freedom in their lives. As well, Alisa has authored and illustrated Guardian Angels: A Book About Angels for Children. This brightly illustrated children’s book shows young people the ways God is with them during the ordinary moments of their lives. It is Alisa’s hope that Guardian Angels will inspire children to begin sharing their stories: a spark to ignite the sharing of one’s testimony throughout all the stages of one’s life. Jesus for Kids: A Book for Helping Children Understand Forgiveness, Salvation, Communion, Baptism and Other Spiritual Mysteries is Alisa's most recent release. This book is perfect for kids that are preparing for communion and baptism. It’s also a friend of children who just want more answers about who Jesus really is. Salvation, forgiveness and other spiritual mysteries are explained with the simplicity of a child. Alisa hopes Jesus for Kids will encourage children to explore their faith and share it with others.

Consistent with Alisa’s desire to encourage others to share their journey, Journey on Canvas allows viewers to contact Alisa for support and assistance. While Alisa is happy to help in the capacity that she can, she encourages others to get professional assistance when necessary. The exercises and suggestions on this site are in no way a substitution for a qualified professional. With that said, contact Alisa and she will offer you the help that she does have to give!

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Recent Work!

Take Apart 4,
Age 45

I have no regrets about dismantling a number of my creations to make new ones. It was freeing. I also learned something important, but the lesson came several years after I made this piece. Over the recent years, I have vacillated back and forth between some more representational works and more abstract ones. Each time I shifted my style,  I struggled with some disappointment and a feeling like I had no direction. I had jokingly said my work was schizophrenic: it seemed like I was making the art of several different people. Then one day, about a year ago, I created a painting within which I "accidentally" mixed together all my vacillations. I had painted a representational vase upon which I "absentmindedly" added some collage elements. In the background, some of my more loosely drawn "styles" filled the space. I used very vibrant and unlikely color combinations: something more recently done by me. All my different "artistic personalities" began to fuse together. I had to create the piece of art you see here to get to the place I am now. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Sometimes things just have to be taken apart before they can be put back together.

 Past Work!

People Holding Hands in a Circle
Change the World,
Age 42

Our silent thoughts, prayers and petitions can be heard. God knows the passion inside our hearts. This doesn’t make any sense in the natural world, but I believe God can hear our hearts. I even think the sound of our hearts is a song in God’s ears. I wonder what would happen if we made that song really loud.  We could join hands and pray with a whole bunch of people at the same time, and God just might hear our concert of prayer. Barriers between people could be broken down if they let themselves be united by the simple act of prayer. Race, religion and social status could melt away with the knowledge that we have a song to sing together.  With what divides us gone, the song of our prayer might rattle the Heavens and we could “Change the World.