Journey Towards Understanding the Universal Christ

Nov 2

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11/2/2019 3:27 PM  RssIcon

This piece of art (below) began as an attempt to illustrate a vision I once had. In it, Jesus showed me that despite all the voices (the voices inside my head and the voices spoken by others), I was good enough. In the vision, Jesus took me out into the water. In this moment I understood the vision was symbolic of cleansing through water and Christ’s shed blood. Jesus pushed me down under the water. I didn’t resist, because I trusted Him even though I was afraid. When I came up out of the water, I was on the other side: I was in Heaven. It was immeasurable peace to be in a place where no one judged me including myself.

I failed in all my efforts to capture the details of this vision in this painting. Instead, all you see is the water and the blood Jesus used to show me that I am not the voices I hear. This makes me think about all the judgements we make about people: whether what they believe is right or wrong and whether what they do is right or wrong. This vision I had was a real thing. It was Jesus Christ communicating with me. It really happened and it came with a message. I can still hear His voice saying, “I made you and you are mine. You are “right” no matter what anyone else says or what you believe about yourself. All this judgement and criticism the world is speaking has nothing to do with Me. I am the God of the universe and I am your God. Despite what anyone says, I made you and you are good. I say you are “right” and I don’t make mistakes.”

If Jesus says that I am NOT the voices I hear, then this is also true for others. If He says he doesn’t make mistakes, then the way he made me and you is “right.” Our beautiful variety, that the world so often tries to squelch, is good. The God of the universe made all of us and we are washed daily in His water and blood. My painting isn’t meant to speak of freedom to do wrong. We were not made to hurt others or ourselves. Instead, I meant it to speak of the freedom that we have in Christ to reflect our uniqueness. We are as unique as every possible color an artist could mix on their pallet: endless possibilities. We represent the vastness of God’s vastness. It’s why we are different in how we look, how we think and how we choose to live our lives. In our uniqueness we represent Him well. We are part of His universe and He is our Christ.

There is no end to what we can share about this Universal Christ. This is just one conversation in just one little corner of the world. This Christ is vast and He/She can be represented in countless ways. How do you see this Christ? If you'd like, share here. Or, start your own conversation in your own way. Either way, enjoy the journey. Christ be with you.

Part of His Universe, 2019

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