Keeping a Spiritual Journal 

to Share Your Spiritual Autobiography!

Article written by Alisa E. Clark

We all have a spiritual story. When we write down our story we can call it our spiritual autobiography or our spiritual memoir. We can share our story in different ways. The ambitious story tellers might write a book about their spiritual journey. But for many, the spiritual story can be captured on the pages of a spiritual journal.

Spiritual Pride

A spiritual journal lets us capture the truth about our journey. Some think that they should only write down their successes, high points and victories on paper. Some question the value of writing down their struggles, their low points and their personal failures. The truth is that our spiritual journey has highs and lows and there is value in sharing both the ups and downs. Your spiritual autobiography is incomplete if you skip the difficult parts. A spiritual memoir is a story about a real person with real problems and real challenges.

The challenge of a spiritual journal is sharing your whole story. Having the guts to explore all the aspects of one's spiritual life can be daunting. The beauty of a spiritual journal is its audience. You control who sees what you write. Perhaps your spiritual autobiography is simply between you and God? Realizing that no one ever needs to see what you write can be liberating. If you choose to keep you spiritual memoir a private matter you have nothing to fear! Your spelling can be terrible, you can write something that seems terrifically silly, and all your pent up rage can spill out on the page. God already knows if you can not spell, He knows if you think your feelings are silly, and what you are angry about is no surprise to Him.

A common challenge of spiritual journaling is figuring our what to write about. A great way to get over this hurdle is to think of journaling as a conversation between you and God. Write down a concern, a problem or something you are praying about. Then, ask God about what you have written and pause to hear His answer. Write down what you hear. You will soon discover that you are not alone.

Some spiritual journalers use two different colored pens when they journal. One color is for their own thoughts and the other color is for keeping track of what God is speaking to them. This type of exchange makes the journaling experience richer. Now the journal is more than a log of events. It is a place where God gets invited to become a part of your story.

You have a spiritual story and you can share it different ways. Consider capturing your spiritual story on the pages of a journal. Share the truth of your journey with God and hear what He has to say to you. Expect to discover that God has been with you every step of the way. Expect to know that He plans to stick right by your side. Make God part of your spiritual story through spiritual journaling.

Past Work!

Spiritual Memoir Pride 
Pride Burns,
Age 44

I'm angry and I have a right to be. People have made some pretty bad choices and they don't take responsibility for them. Instead, they flip it around and blame it all on me. I'm the quintessential scapegoat and I don't like it one bit. I dream of making them sorry. I don't mean I dream of hurting them or watching them suffer. My dreams are more prideful than that. I want them to see me successful, happy and surrounded by loving friends and family. I want them to see me thin, pretty and at the top of my game. I want them to see me with it all together. My pride burns and it wants them to see me having a million reasons to be prideful. Right now, inside me, pride burns.