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Past Work!         

Woman Wrapped in Threads
I Can Break Through
Age 42

The threads don’t have to bind us. We can break through them, but we need a little help. We need someone who can help us stand up and break free. Who can help us remember who we are so that the smallness doesn’t overtake us? I don’t know about you, but I need God to remind me that a spool of thread can’t hold me. I need His logical, anti-ridiculous, thread breaking power. My God is bigger than a spool of thread and His very Spirit dwells within my soul. That means that I have what it takes. I can break through them: the things that keep me unnecessarily bound.


God Opens Windows
Let God Clean It Out
Age 42

Everything we’ve needed for greater fulfillment, peace and joy is just beyond our reach, though. Unlike a window which we can simply use our hands to lift open, our brains don’t allow such easy access. God is the only one who can reach inside our very selves and clean house. If we invite Him, He will come and open us up, clean us out and get us going in the right direction. We can’t do it alone but we can ask Him to help us. God will clean it out. He’ll change us from the inside out.