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Spiritual journaling resources can help you share your memoir. Journey on Canvas provides spiritual autobiography and spiritual memoir resources that will help you share your story. This site will help you decide whether sharing your story is a passion for you.

Share Your Journey Painting

Are you still deciding? Are you still making a decision about if, or how, you should share your journey? Are you a little nervous at the prospect of sharing your spiritual memoir with others? I have to say I wrestled with all of these issues and I faced a lot of discouragement as I did. Some people felt I shouldn't share at all. Others felt that some things were better left unsaid. I had to move through the discouragement and into the place where God wanted me to be. He had a plan for my life and my journey. I had to decide to enter into that plan and trust where it would take me. I had to trust my reasons to share.

I have shared my story, Dancing in the Doghouse, in the manner that I believe God has asked me to. God is asking you to do something with your life too. Your choices won't look like mine because God has a different plan for you. What is God asking you to do with your life? Perhaps the answer to this question is your reason to share?

I want to help you learn even more about spiritual autobiography, so you can make an informed decision about whether sharing is right for you. That's why I'm offering you several resources to choose from: articles, links, press releases, an event calendar, a search inside the book feature and a blog for spiritual autobiography. Under Resources you will find articles about the peaks and pitfalls of sharing your journey. You'll also find some links to great information about keeping journals, writing and starting a spiritual autobiography. Perhaps these types of resources will help you make a decision about how, if and when to share your story? I recommend reading some articles, exploring the links, checking out the spiritual autobiography blog, considering attending a spiritual memoir event, reading some Dancing in the Doghouse book excerpts and prayerfully considering all these resources as you examine the directions you can take with your own spiritual autobiography. Remember that this information is based on my own experience (or someone else's): what worked for us. Perhaps our experiences will enrich yours? Perhaps some of the suggestions here will work for you? That would be awesome!

Remember that the resources you find here are thoughts, suggestions and possibilities NOT directions. Ultimately, God must be your guide. My best advice is, "Stay grounded." Stay grounded in God's plan for you. Make a decision to follow His plan. His plan is the best choice you can make. Follow Him. If you do decide to share, do it His way and let Him be your reason.

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Art About Christianity

I Get to Choose
Age 41

I get to choose. I get to open the doors and I can close them too. God is bigger than my mistakes, so he’ll help me if I choose the wrong door. There’s nothing for me to fear. My Father has everything under control.


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Latest Work!

Hawaiian Flowers,
Age 47

When my dad died, I received these flowers. They were shipped from Hawaii and were flowers I had no idea even existed. They were so beautiful that they looked fake. I tried to capture the beauty. I failed. Oh, well. When something beautiful dies, you can't get it back. It's much like with my dad being gone. He was here and he was wonderful. I can make some attempts to get pieces of him back but, like my painting, it will all pale in comparison.

Past Work!

Art about Fear

Fear Triptych,
Age 32 

I'm afraid of plenty of things. I'm not letting my fear stop me though. I don't want to be one of "those people" who dies with regrets. I don't want to regret not having done something I should have, or could have, because of fear. Some days fear rules my life. Other days I get it closer to "right" and fear is silenced. God's plan for me becomes my inspiration for the coming hours. That's when I forge ahead with a little extra courage and life is, for a moment, very sweet.

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