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Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories is my spiritual autobiography. Sharing my spiritual memoir is about my desire to tell my spiritual story today as a source of hope to others. It's about other things too, especially the ways God was with me- even in the really hard places. It's also about encouraging others to tell their spiritual stories to reduce isolation, heal, recover and give others hope. Spiritual autobiography can be about all of these things and so much more. 

I can’t tell you what spiritual autobiography, or spiritual memoir, will mean for you. You have to figure that part out for yourself! But, I will help you get started. That’s what Journey on Canvas is here for!

What is spiritual autobiography? Simply put, it's telling the story of what God has done in your life. It's an invitation to share your God story. Spiritual autobiography is also an invitation to receive the God stories of others. As we share our testimonies of God's faithfulness amidst our struggles we are reminded that God has always been present on our journey. As we hear someone's spiritual autobiography we remember that God is with all of us as we journey. This act of giving and receiving each other's God stories is the gift of spiritual autobiography. 

You can begin sharing your story by interacting with this site in several ways: read the entries here, enjoy the art and the descriptions that go with them, test drive some of the journaling exercises, contact us with questions and suggestions, learn more about Testimonies (and its author) by reading and clicking on the links, check out our Resources and share using the Journey On Canvas Blog. Sharing your story is an incredible experience that will give hope and help others heal! Don't miss out on this chance to give and receive. Choose a way that you can begin to share!

Writing my spiritual autobiography was an incredible experience. One of the most incredible parts of the experience was the way God led me as I journeyed though the pages of my story. He led me in a way that made sense for me and brought me down my own personal road to freedom. The way I organized the time periods of my life, the categories that I chose and the words that I selected were all God assisted just for me. It was a life changing and life touching experience that is difficult to describe to someone else. I'm going to do my best to describe my experience, though.  I'm going to describe it because of what I believe. I believe that writing and sharing our testimonies is a gift that builds faith, encourages and changes lives. I also trust that tremendous healing and spiritual growth can be the direct result of simply reflecting on one's God story through journaling and prayer.

I'm committed to the gift of spiritual autobiography. I want to share my story and I want to encourage others to do the same. That's why I have written my spiritual autobiography and shared portions of it on these pages. It's also why I have created this website to include questions and suggestions that worked for me as I organized, documented and shared my journey. It is my hope that what I have shared here will become an encouragement for others to begin telling their own story. It's why I welcome you to Journey on Canvas. 


Launching Your Spiritual Autobiography:

When I wrote my spiritual autobiography I tried to organize the forty years of my life into categories that made sense for me. I also used those categories to organize the content of this web site. While this organization made sense for me, it might not make sense for you. You might choose to group the time periods of your life quite differently. It's likely that the headings I chose, which held great meaning for me, won't fit with your journey. Be open to adjusting the content and suggestions you find on Journey on Canvas.

There's no static set of rules for writing a spiritual autobiography. It's a God breathed and God directed experience. That's why I figured it was best to stick to my own experience and trust God to guide yours. What I share here is the best I've got to offer you; what worked for me. I pray that you will be able to find ways to make it work for you.

Ways to reflect on your spiritual journey can take a variety of forms. One way the expression of one's spiritual journey can begin is with a simple commitment to journaling. Within the pages of a journal a journey finds a quiet, private place to be explored. Some journal using words, diagrams, photographs, sketches, quotations, scripture or memorabilia as a springboard for writing. In my case, I used my own artwork to guide me as I shared. Some journeys are documented in chronological order with the writer exploring the mountains and valleys of their spiritual journey using family photographs and letters. These are just a few of the many ways to organize one's spiritual autobiography. Regardless of your approach, journaling can help you begin telling your own story so you and others can experience life change.

If you choose to journal you will likely discover themes that weave though your journey. These themes can be used to help organize the journey and help the spiritual autobiography take form. A great tool for uncovering the major themes of a journey are really good questions. Questions that help the journey be seen from beginning to the end, questions that make us consider what we value and questions that give us a good look at what we believe can help a storyteller decide how to best tell their story.

You can use this website to assist you as you seek an expression for your spiritual autobiography. It's full of questions, examples and suggestions for sharing your story. All you need to begin sharing your journey is a journal, a pen, a prayerful heart and a willingness to honestly explore what you will find on these pages. May your journal become a place to see God's constant presence in your life, experience the healing touch of your creator and discover an avenue for sharing your God experience with others. May He be with you on this exciting journey!

Spiritual Autobiography Angels

Sky Full of Angels
Age 34

Sharing My Journey

Journaling in a way that works for me:

I like to think that angels are everywhere. Maybe they're God's emissaries? Maybe they're the glue that holds me together? I paint them to remind me that things aren't random. I paint them to remind me that God has a plan.

I don't know what angels really look like but that makes painting them more interesting. I like to imagine that they really do have wings. Today I decide they will have huge wings and halos like the angels in storybooks. Maybe angels don't have halos? Maybe they're much different than I imagine them. Still, when I paint them I feel like they're everywhere. I feel like God has sent them just for my family, especially those who most desperately need Him.


Sharing Your Journey 

Journaling in a way that works for you:

Commit to reflecting on your journey. All you need is a journal, a pen, a prayerful heart and a willingness to honestly explore the questions and challenges you will find here. Each page of this website has questions, and suggestions that you can use to reflect on your own spiritual journey.  

I pray that Journey on Canvas will help you find an expression for your own spiritual autobiography. I pray that as you explore within your journal, and look back on your entries, you will see your own journey take shape, discover countless ways you’ve grown and find evidence of victory in your life. Before you commit to this exciting journey, please accept my very best advice; let God be your ultimate guide. Invite Him to walk with you as you explore, share and find freedom you’ve never known. You can't find your story apart from Him. God is where you begin!      

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