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Feb 11

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We can put good stuff inside of us. That means that we can choose NOT to put bad stuff inside us too. Bad thoughts, negative beliefs, fear and depression don’t have to fill up our souls. We can start filling up with the good stuff by choosing to believe in God’s truth about ourselves regardless of what seems to be true. Just because we don’t feel that something is true does not make it any less the truth. When we take control of our own minds we begin to take control of our insides and truth starts taking root.

I know that the business of taking control of our minds is a huge undertaking. Our insides are attacked every day by doubt, fear, sadness and condemnation. How can we put in the good stuff when we become too weak to remember God’s truth about who we are? God has given us some good stuff that’s just right for our insides: communion. It’s the power of God put right within us. It propels us forward beyond the place we are in. When we receive we let God know that we need him- that we want Him- living and dwelling in us. Once we’ve given Him permission, He turns a small piece of bread and a little cup of juice into renewal for our minds, for our insides and for our very souls. All we have to do is choose to put the good stuff inside.
There are other ways to put the good stuff inside. I took a break today: went to my room, put on some good worship music, lit a candle and spent some time with God. I’ve got to remember to do that more often! Don’t we all get caught up in doing, striving, worrying and avoiding God when we should be drawing Him into our very selves? I know I do. I think it’s important that we encourage each other to seek God so we don’t get “caught up.” Anyone out there have an encouragement for us? Have you connected with God today? Are you seeing Him in new and wonderful ways? How are you putting the good stuff inside?

I want the good stuff of God and I want my desire for the “good stuff” to be a constant part of my spiritual story. I want to be known as a person who seeks God passionately. I want the evidence of my passion for God to be all over my spiritual autobiography. This won’t happen if I don’t choose Him every day and I need your help to do this. I can’t keep the spiritual fires burning without people encouraging me, walking with me and helping me to seek God every day. I don’t think you can either. We need each other. Let this blog be a place where we can encourage each other, share our stories of encouragement and share “the good stuff” so it can get inside of us!

Good Stuff Inside

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