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Right Now I'm Too Busy. Are You?

Aug 2

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8/2/2010 9:40 AM  RssIcon

Right now I'm too busy. I need to take a break. When I don't take one it's usually an attempt to maintain control. Somehow, whipping though a long list of things to do makes me feel like I'm in control. Too much "doing" wipes me out eventually. I have to consciously stop and be silent, exercise, take a hot shower, pray or take a nap in my hammock swing. If I don't take the time to stop my whole life is about doing, doing, doing: hypo manic, workaholism, a human doer instead of a human being. I do forget my senses and the need to focus on my feelings: letting them guide me, center me and bring me peace.

I need to stop and make room for my faith. Without my faith my journey towards wellness would be questionable. I would have lost my battles with anxiety if I didn't trust God would be there to help me pull through them. I need to make time to talk with Him, to hear His voice and find escape from my long list of “to do’s” so that anxiety doesn’t have the opportunity to grip me.

Stopping is a battle. Reading the Bible has shown me that God's people battle: even His own Son battled. Whenever I face the challenge of getting “unbusy” it’s an opportunity to be a part of the battle- and with God's help to win it.
Spirituality is what gives me the strength to push back and keep my distance from what could have been. Without it I would just do, do, and do until doing became my identity. When I take time to stop, God becomes my identity.
Anxiety is part of my battle. It drives me towards doing instead of being. Spirituality is not a symptom of my illness. Instead, it's the reason why my illness has failed to dig its claws deeply into me. I've never had a full blown episode of mania or depression but I've been on the edge. It's my faith that has pulled me back. Mental illness is a force my family has had to contend with for generations. Spirituality is the force that has brought me down a different road, saving me from what destroyed the generations before me. That’s why I must slow down and take the time to remember that God matters to me today: right now. It’s why I must stop and take time to feed myself spiritually. Today I must stop being busy.
Like me, are you too busy? Are you in a battle to keep balance in your life so that you’re more than just a doer? Have you been successful in keeping yourself from pushing too hard? Did you take time to just be quiet today? Do you need help getting “unbusy?”  What is your experience of busyness? How does activity, and over-activity, shape who you are? How does it influence your relationship with others and God? What do you have to share about “too busy?”

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