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How Do I Keep a Journal to Help Tell My Spiritual Story?

May 21

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Do you believe that you don’t have a worthy spiritual story to share or a worthy way of sharing it? I believe that God is alive and mightily at work in every life including yours. I believe you have a God story to share and you can find a way to share it.

You might be thinking, “How Do I Even Begin Sharing?” I suggest keeping a spiritual journal to start. Spiritual journaling can be a little intimidating at first. Just having the right materials isn’t always enough to get started. Some beginners find themselves staring at a blank page with apprehension. Others write down their thoughts with the nagging question: “How Does God Fit Into My Story?” I have a suggestion for the intimidated, the apprehensive and the questioning: ask God your most pressing questions and expect an answer.

Expect an answer? Ask God? Can I really do this? Yes you can! One of my favorite ways to find God in my daily life is to talk with Him in my journal. I write my thoughts and feelings for the day and I pause to hear God’s response. Then, I actually write what I hear God say. Doing my best not to edit what I’ve heard, I put my “God Response” down on paper and I place parenthesis around His words. This helps me keep my words separate from what I’m hearing and spiritual journaling turns into a conversation that’s alive! Suddenly my spiritual story is more than just a bunch of events spilled onto a piece of paper. Instead, I’m connecting my life with a God who is listening and responding!

I’m not suggesting that everyone use this approach to keeping a spiritual journal. I am suggesting that you keep an open mind and allow yourself to think outside the box. Your journey is unique and you have been wired to express it uniquely. Work with God to find a way to tell your spiritual story. Be open to trying something new, follow your instincts and don’t give up! You have a story worth sharing.

If you do decide to share the story of your life I have one suggestion: let God be your guide. There are endless ways to offer your spiritual story to others and one of them will be a perfect fit for you. While some are bloggers others are speakers, group leaders and story tellers. Many share their story over coffee with close family and friends. Others share using scrapbooks, photo journals and voice recordings. Many people use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools to get their story out. Wonderful discussion groups have been started as an opportunity to share and let others respond in kind. The world is full of opportunities for storytelling. Regardless of the approach you use, you can tell your spiritual story.

Spiritual journaling is an opportunity for all of us to see how God is alive and mightily at work in every life. Don’t believe the lie that your journey isn’t worthy to be told. Consider keeping a spiritual journal and being brave enough to share it. Consider making Journey on Canvas a place to begin sharing. Tell us your spiritual story.

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