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Apr 15

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We live in an exciting age! The ways in which we can communicate with people are endless and far reaching. This is important news if you are asking the question, “Should I Share My Spiritual Autobiography?” A simple Facebook page, blog, YouTube video, SlideShare presentation, Twitter Profile, discussion group or forum can quickly become a vehicle for reaching people with the message of God’s presence in your daily life. No need to be brilliant, famous, rich, charismatic or powerful. Money, skills or great knowledge are not required. All you need is a computer and the desire to share.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of avenues you can use for sharing your spiritual memoir. Instead, find a way to begin telling your story and see where that takes you. Don’t wait to get started. Give God as a hope to others so they have something to hang on to when they’re hopeless. Offer your story so people know they are not alone. Share your struggles because they are the ordinary struggles of life. Your story is everyone’s story. Share your spiritual autobiography.
You might be thinking, "I don't know where to begin! I am already overwhelmed!" I have good news for you: you can begin sharing right here, right now. Offer us a story of hope today. Did God reach into your life and show you that you're not alone? Perhaps someone did something wonderful for you that made you feel surrounded with love? Maybe something terrible happened but strangely you could still see the hope in this bad situation? Please encourage us. Take a moment to begin sharing your story.

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Journey on Canvas is a spiritual autobiography and spiritual journaling site. The Journey on Canvas Blog will give you ideas for your spiritual journal and give you opportunities to share your spiritual story. This blog is also a place to find hope on your journey. Read, blog with me, and enjoy! 

Tears for Dancing, Age 42 

The older I get the less I think about what I can get out of this life. Bad things happen here on Earth and no one is immune. I see my parents suffering, I watch terrible things happen to my friends and I see catastrophic events that create hell on Earth. Revelation 21:4 promises that someday God will wipe every tear from our eyes and the old order of things will pass away. I’m beginning to think that this promise isn’t so far away: it’s just waiting for us at the next stop. Maybe when we die we trade our tears for dancing and enter Heaven. Until then, I'm going to paint, I'm going to write, and I'm going to share when I find hope in this life. That's why I'm here at Journey on Canvas.

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