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Jan 22

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Even if your life is in shambles it has power. A messed up life is hard but it doesn't stop you from loving people. No matter who we are, or where we find ourselves, we can still love people deeply. Kindness, empathy, sensitivity and a willingness to help are the most powerful gifts we have to offer. I know this is true from experience. The people I have loved well don't care if I have a title attached to my name, they don't care if I'm pretty or ugly, overweight or skinny or popular. What they care about is how I've treated them: if I've been there for them when they're down, if I supported them when others fled the scene or if I brought them a meal when they needed it. They remember the times that I understood what they were going through or shared a story that made them feel understood. Even in my weakest, lowest moments those I had loved still loved me deeply. My life still had the power to change lives just like yours does. Whatever you believe don't ever believe that you don't have something to offer others. Your life, and the stories of your life, can make the difference for someone who needs just what you have to give them.

Would you consider sharing for a moment? When has your life made all the difference for someone? If we all shared we could encourage each other. Then we'd be so much more likely to remember all the love we have to share and the power that love has to make all the difference.

I'm going to share with the hopes that you will too: 

While I've made many mistakes over the past week I've had some good moments too. Just a simple conversation I had with my daughter in the car made her feel less anxious and more understood. I told my daughter about what my life was like when I was her age. I let her know that being a teenager was hard for me too. I let her know that I didn't have it all together then or now. The simple act of letting my daughter know I was imperfect brought her comfort. The stories from my own imperfect life had the power to make a difference. I was glad I shared.

If you're reading this please share too. I'd like to hear what you have to say. I'm curious to learn about the ways your life has made a difference. Your story will encourage me, and others, to keep on loving. Then we won't be tempted to forget what's so very important: that our story has power.

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