Traveling Together on the Journey

Jan 12

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Over and over, I paint this space because it is loaded with significance. My art making is very much about reconnecting with all the things that happened in this space, and it’s deeply meaningful for me. I am in spiritual limbo: painting the “Space Between” what once was and now is. I am floating in the “Space Between.”

Floating in the “Space Between” is a stop on my journey. I need to spend time here. I’m not stuck in a way that’s unhealthy. What’s so wrong about going back in time and visiting a place that you’re happy to be in? If my paintings let me do that, I’ve just taken a little journey and I’ll be back to the present soon enough!

How does your creative practice help you on your journey? Does it let you go places you couldn’t otherwise go? Maybe you won’t share your answer here, but I hope the question makes you think about your own journey and the ways that art makes that journey richer and more meaningful. Consider that in spite of the fact that we don’t even know each other, we will be traveling together on this journey. We do this through the simple act of choosing to go where our canvas takes us. Onward!

Space Between, 2019

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Traveling Together on the Journey
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Recent Work!

Take Apart 2,
Age 45

I am in the throes of taking apart my old art: the art that doesn't please me in its entirety. I love pieces of these pieces though, so I start to use them. I make some new work that is not entirely new. I make something better from something not quite right. It is satisfying.

Past Work!

Old Junk
Age 42

I’m gonna pull that Old Junk out of my head. I’m not going to give it a chance to play its old song of doubt, fear and sadness. Instead, I’m going to believe something new, write a new song and let that new tape play. Old tape out, new tape in!