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Getting ready to share your spiritual memoir is a process. You can learn about how to start, and finish, this process by using a spiritual journal to share your spiritual autobiography. This site is about how to share your story to encourage, give hope and empower yourself and others. If you have been keeping a spiritual journal, you have probably discovered that God's greatest story telling is often shared within the context of an ordinary life. This page will give you some ideas about the powerful role of the ordinary life in spiritual autobiography.

I believe God really does incredible things with an ordinary life. I know this is true because of the simple ways the rhythms and realities of the lives of others have been life saving for me. I know few things more incredible than the ways the lives of others have breathed life into my very soul. God is truly the king of the ordinary and the author of the extraordinary. He uses our ordinary lives to do His greatest work. It is my prayer that He has used mine and will also use yours. It is why I have told my story. It is why I have shared my Journey on Canvas.

I've not just invited you to receive my journey. I've encouraged you to begin sharing your story as well. Perhaps you have arrived at a place where you can begin to offer your story to others?

Our stories are the gift of spiritual memoir. Our testimonies of God's faithfulness have power: the power to reveal God's constant presence in every life. When we tell our story we reveal the truth that ordinary lives are covered with the fingerprints of God. Release the power of spiritual autobiography. Tell your story. 

 Angel with Arms Raised

King Of The Ordinary

Your hand in every life-
Your purpose in every moment-
Lord of the extraordinary-
King of the ordinary-
Our awesome God.

Sharing My Journey 

Getting ready to share my story:

I believe what Jesus says about us. He says we’re not all that different. One day, in church, my pastor had us play the “I’ve Never, BUT…..” Game. This game reminded me of the ways we’re not all that different. If you’re human you can play this game. You just put yourself in someone else’s shoes to play it. If you ever spanked your kid too hard you could play the game by seeing inside the heart and mind of the child abuser. You’d play the game by saying, “I’ve never abused a child, BUT I have lost my temper and hit my kid in anger. I’m not a child abuser but I think I understand how it’s possible to become one.” The game was meant to humble us. It was meant to make us see the ways we are connected to the people around us. It was meant to make us see that we are connected to the good, bad and ugly of life. It was meant to show us that we hold hands with all of humanity, not just the people we know and like.

My latest collage is of two beautiful angels who are holding hands. They remind me of all the people who I’m connected to. I’m not just connected to the people I love and care about. I’m connected to the dangerous driver who cut me off in traffic, the schizophrenic man in the wheelchair, the doctor who is completely indifferent, the lesbian woman seeking acceptance, the man who forgets his baby in the car on a sweltering day, the cashier who burns with rage because of my two extra express lane items, and the uptight neighbor whose life priority is grass edging. I’m connected to the psychiatrist who forgets about his patients, people who make sport of marginalizing others, the neighbor who ignores the fire engine in my driveway, a teenager who torments little children, the Bi-Polar woman and the friend who viciously backstabs me. I’m connected to the woman who abandons her child, the man that thinks three rounds of electric shock therapy is really wonderful for his mom, the guy who mauls me against my will, the man with a movement disorder, the catatonic woman and the institutionalized patient. I hold hands with all of these people. I’ve never…..BUT only by the grace of God.

I used to ask God to make me nice, so I could feel superior. I wanted God to cure me of my self-loathing, so I could look at myself in the mirror and like what I saw. I begged God to absolve me, so I wouldn’t have to speak the words that would shed light on my darkness. I didn’t want to speak the words, “I am a terrible sinner.”  I prayed that my life would be perfect and that I would never be sick or in pain. I asked God to take my guilt and shame away. I also prayed for stuff and for things to go my way. I used God. I look back on what I’ve felt about people, all the ways I’ve been angry and hated, and everything I’ve feared, run from and done. As I look back and see who I’ve been, I ache to be someone new. I have a new prayer. Today, this is how I pray: “Jesus, let me love better today than I did yesterday. Let me let go of the things that stop me from loving well. Send Your angels to encourage me. Send Your Spirit to convict me. Send Yourself to change me. Remind me always that I am connected to others. Let me remember that I hold hands with them. Give me the ability to love them well. Give us the ability to love each other well."

Along with my new prayer comes surrender. I've arrived at surrender. With the decision to write my spiritual autobiography, Dancing in the Doghouse, I have learned that surrendering is my new job. The more I learn to give everything to God the more I experience freedom, health, joy and peace. That's why I'm surrendering Dancing in the Doghouse. I'm going to let other people read my story so that they might learn about surrendering too. I want others to know the new freedom I've found in giving my life, and my story, over to God.

It's scary to surrender my story. I'm really very small and limited. There's a lot of unflattering stuff written within the pages of Dancing in the Doghouse. My spiritual autobiography is a messy, gritty story of a sinner's spirituality. I've got nothing in my life to be really proud of. In fact, I have so much to be ashamed of in the absence of God's love and forgiveness. For as long as my story can be read by anyone who chooses to, I am continuing to rely on God to use it for His purposes. It is my hope that somehow my spiritual memoir will bring you hope and encouragement in spite of me. I am now surrendering my spiritual autobiography to you, because I trust that God is big enough to use it.

Angels Holding Hands

Age 38


Sharing Your Journey

Getting ready to share your story:

Look over your journal. Look for feelings, longings or beliefs that resurface. Find themes or threads that weave their way through your entries. Write an entry that summarizes your journey using your past entries as a guide. The things that are central to your identity, spirituality and personal integrity will make themselves known as you explore. Pray with your journal, asking God to reveal a plan and a direction for the expression of your personal journey. What may seem impossible, confusing and disorganized becomes possible, clear and organized when you invite God into the process. Expect Him to show you how to proceed. Rely on Him as you continue on your journey and as you search for a voice for your own spiritual autobiography. God be with you as you continue on your journey!

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.


Latest Work!

Pink Lamp and Poppies,
Age 47

People might not notice my work until I'm dead. That's how it often goes. I just made one of my best paintings ever. It has sat on the windowsill, next to the dinner table, for 3 weeks now. No one has even commented. They love me and they respect me too. There's just a piece of me (an important piece) that's lost on them. It's probably a gift (their indifference) because I have to validate myself instead of getting the validation from outside me. I've gotten to the point when I know when my work is good: even if everyone around me is oblivious.

Past Work! 

Angel from Heaven

Angel From Heaven,
Age 37

Sometimes the angels I create are almost as beautiful as I see them in my mind. This one satisfies me. She's kinda whimsical, fun, full of color and life. She makes me feel hope deep inside.

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