Face Fear through Spiritual Autobiography


You can face fear and overcome it through spiritual autobiography or spiritual memoir. This page can help you to use a spiritual journal to face your fear and overcome it. Spiritual journaling can help you overcome debilitating fear, and it can also help you understand the role of fear in your story.

Tornado and Fear

Things start to fall apart when you have fear. The power of fear is controlling, has overwhelming physical effects, leads to feelings of abandonment and can cause isolation, depression and other crippling emotions. That's why I share my stories about facing fear. They help others know that they are not alone and that the physical and emotional effects of fear can be overcome. When things are falling apart, for a fearful person, a simple story of victory can help them overcome fear's controlling power.

I really believe that God has put people in our lives just for us. I believe He talks to us through people. At the point in my life when I was most afraid my friends spoke peace to my fears without even realizing they were doing so. They had no idea how powerful their words of encouragement were. When stuff got scary, God used people to speak to me. Because of them I started trusting God a little more than I had before.

In my low places my church has been a powerful source of hope in spite of my fears. The people there see me with God’s eyes. A lot of the time it feels like they see the opposite of what I see in me. When I see weakness they see strength. When I see fear they see courage. When I see instability they see confidence. When I struggled they didn’t quietly remove me from the scene. Instead, they called me out to be something more than I already was. Fully knowing the challenges and difficulties of my life, they spoke of my giftedness, insight and potential. When I saw darkness creeping in they saw greatness. They saw light. They spoke of promise and potential when I saw nothing. They’ve been like angels.

Does God speak to you through people? Have you ever had someone speak words of courage as you faced your fears? Did they do this without even comprehending the timeliness of their words? Did someone's stories about facing fear make all the difference? Consider how the words and experiences of others have helped you overcome the controlling power of fear. Say a prayer for fear: ask God how to overcome it and ask Him how fear fits into your story. Let your stories about facing fear become part of your spiritual autobiography.

Sharing My Journey

Facing fear and my story:

I make a painting of darkness and light. The angels in my painting compete with the darkness. They’re winning. Scary cellar stairs, spiders and dark, dank crawl spaces fill the darkness. Some places are so dark you can’t even see what’s hiding there. Some places should be dark but they’re not. The light exposes them and strips them of their power. You might notice the places that should be dark, but you can’t miss the angels that surround them. The angels are like cutouts with hard edges that contrast with the darkness around them. They’re like the puzzle pieces from my dream

I like them. I like my angel pieces. They remind me that I’m seizing what God has for me. One day I’ll get all the pieces, and I'll have peace in every corner where there is now fear. I’m going to finish this journey. I will fearlessly collect all the pieces.  I will collect them one God given piece at a time.

My paintings show me how to beat my fear. I just need to stay focused on the truth: God is in even the scariest of places. I need to remember that my own stories about facing fear offer freedom to me and others. When I remember that God is with me in the darkness I don't fear that things will fall apart. The controlling power of fear loses its control. The physical and emotional effects of fear diminish. My fear of abandonment is gone because I am confident that God is with me. There is power over fear within my life story and the life stories of others.

Angels in the Dark

Darkness and Light
Age 35


Sharing Your Journey

Facing fear and your story:

Your journal can become a place for writing a prayer for your fear: for facing it and overcoming it. Think of what you fear the most. Pick your biggest fear, and write it down within the center of a circle. What color, or colors, could help you describe the fear? Fill the circle with the colors that help you describe your fear.

Imagine a life without this fear. What colors would best describe a life free of this fear? Fill the area outside the circle with these colors. Consider the contrast between what is inside and outside your circle. What does the contrast say about the power of fear in your spiritual life? Ask God to help you understand and face your fears. Ask God to show you where your discoveries fit within your spiritual memoir.

Consider stories about facing fear: yours and those of others. Ask God to show you where these stories have a place in your spiritual story. Trust that God will help you fit fear in its rightful place inside your spiritual autobiography. Don't fear including fear in your story! Fear is among our normal human emotions. Sharing a journey that's free of fear wouldn't be honest. Sharing a journey that's honest about fear will set you and others free!

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

 Looking Back:

Baby in Garbage Dream
I am Blessed
Age 35

I consider my baby growing inside of me. With the 3rd it will be even harder to dodge the possibilities. No matter how hard I try to eliminate the risks they will still exist. With only one of me, and three of them, it’s impossible to manage all sources of harm. Even if I’m the most selfless mom ever, I can’t be everywhere at once. I am simply not enough. I see that having children is no assurance that I get to keep them for my lifetime. It’s a miracle that I’ve managed to keep them for as long as I have. They’re not safe and well because I’m a good mother. They’re safe and well because I am blessed. I don’t deserve the blessings but I am, most definitely, blessed.

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