Understanding Salvation through Spiritual Autobiography 


Spiritual journaling can help your understand the role of salvation in your spiritual autobiography or spiritual memoir. This page can give you some direction for keeping a spiritual journal that will assist you in understanding salvation's role in your spiritual story. Understanding the role of salvation in our story is about understanding how little we have to offer God in contrast with how God can redeem what we do have to offer.

Spiritual Autobiography Angel

We really don’t have anything astounding to stand before God with at the end. We’re all painfully ordinary and painfully flawed. Yet, it’s never too late to get it right. When we see Jesus, some of us might say something like, “Why didn’t I see You all along? Only You are God!” People kinda like me might think, “I’ve lived a selfish life. Will You still have me?” Others might see the truth and respond, “I’ve done evil all my life. I’ve killed people. I’ve done horrible things. Please forgive me. Please take me with You.” Truthfully, all our lives are lived tragically. We never even begin to enter in to what we were really supposed to be. That’s why I like the idea that all our lives can be redeemed in our very last moments. That’s why I like the idea that our redemption can lie in the choice we make with our very last breath. That’s why Jesus is my king. He is the way we all still have a chance.

I boldly admit that I’m a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son. I believe our salvation can only be found through Him. I don’t think I’m better because I believe these things. In our last moments all our hearts will betray us. Jesus’ eyes are piercing. They cut through all the bravado and the falsity. We all understand some truth but it’s in bits and pieces. Christians carry foolishness and lies. So do Non-Christians. We all have our idols that we worship. We all have our lies we believe. We all have ways we fail to love. We can’t hide the things that we store in our hearts from Him. He knows all.

God knows all about me. He knows how badly I need Him. I pray that He can help me, and I know that he will. It's a simple prayer of salvation: I ask for help and God gives it to me. It's not a complicated prayer, with incantations and rules to abide by. It's just a simple act of asking God to help me that leads to my protection and salvation. God is listening and He knows all. It's that simple.

How do you feel about asking God to help you? Do you have a prayer for protection and salvation? Are you uncomfortable about "needing" a savior? How do you feel about needing God? Is there a place for that need in your story?

Sharing My Journey

Understanding salvation and my story:

I make a new painting. I use torn papers, feathers, glitter and ink. I fill a huge canvas with a big angel with huge hands. I imagine that her hands take my prayers up to Heaven. All the people that I pray for have their names etched in her hands. My name is in her hands too. I need my name in her hands just as much as all the other names need to be there. I believe what the Bible says about salvation and getting to Heaven. I also know that I’m way too stupid, flawed and selfish to meet the requirements for perfection. I need a Savior just as much as the next guy.

If you know me then know it’s true. I pray for you. Your name is permanently etched in my angel’s hands. I believe that Jesus is the Savior of your world and mine. I believe He’s the real gig and I pray you will believe it too. Don’t be offended. If you don’t believe please don’t be offended. I don’t think I’m better than you. Spinning around in my head, and in my soul, is so much rancid garbage. My prayer is the best thing I have to offer you. It’s my simple prayer that we’ll all recognize Him when our day is done.

Next to Jesus on the cross was a man who was a horrible thief and murderer. He lived his life missing it. He didn’t get the gig. In his last moments he lived differently. He looked at Jesus and knew who He was. He also wanted Him. His heart desired Jesus. He knew Him and wanted Him, and that’s all that was required. His murderous acts were washed away. He went to Heaven that very day. I pray we will all die like the thief. I pray we’ll all die knowing and desiring Him regardless of what we've been, believed or done.

I have a prayer for protection and salvation and it's for me and for you. I believe in this prayer, and I believe God hears it and answers it. The reality that God hears our prayers and answers them, that He has the power to save us and that He mightily protects us is central to my story. Absent of this reality my spiritual autobiography loses its center. Absent of God I have no story.

Angel Blowing Trumpet

Etched In Her Hands
Age 36


Sharing Your Journey

Understanding salvation and your story:

Salvation is a difficult word for many people. Often it's a "turn off" that drives people away from God, instead of driving them toward Him. Deep inside I believe that people truly want to discover God and know that they need Him. Rules, regulations and requirements steal the opportunity for many to enjoy salvation. They don't see how God is a God of simplicity. That He simply wants us to realize that we need Him. That He simply wants us to ask Him for His help. That He simply wants us to see that talking to Him and needing Him are our salvation. That it's that simple to be in relationship with Him. The world wrecks the word "salvation" with its wrecking ball, making it a something to be avoided for so many. Our stories can't exist in their fullness until we embrace salvation, in all its simplicity, and allow ourselves to be drawn into relationship with God. Against the reality of what the world says, we must search to see how God has been (and will continue to be) a part of our journey.

Salvation is simply to be saved: something we all need. We simply pray for it and God does the rest. Your name is permanently etched in His hands. How has the simple need to be saved become a part of your story? How is your desire for others to be saved, right along with you, part of your prayers? Place your hands on a blank page in your journal. Trace their shape and fill them with the names of all the people you pray for. List all the things you (and others) need God to be your salvation from within your hands. Take some time to consider all the things you hands now hold. Consider their place in your story.

Spiritual autobiography is an opportunity to write a about God's saving power in your life. Ask God to help you see the ways He is answering your prayers. Ask God to show you how He deeply desires to save you and have you (and the people you love) need Him. Trust that He is central to your story.

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Memories Art!

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Best Left Alone
Age 25

My paints make me feel happy. It feels good to tell my story, even if it's the story of a woman who's alone. I'm grateful that I have a way of capturing what matters in my life. I love the fact that others can look at what I've made and see what matters to me. It's awesome when people see what I've made and it makes them start telling stories about their own lives. When they talk, sometimes they smile, or their eyes well up with tears. My life touched theirs. Their life touched mine. It's amazing.

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