Spiritual Memoir and God's Forgiveness

Mid Thirties:

Spiritual autobiography can help you understand the role of God's forgiveness in your story. This page can help you consider what God has to say about forgiveness inside your spiritual journal. Forgiveness has a role in your spiritual memoir.

Anger Painting

What God says about forgiveness is difficult for us to swallow: we are to turn the other cheek and let those who have hurt us off the hook. God's forgiveness of sins is difficult to accept: we keep trying to earn our pardon when His son has already granted pardon for us. The act of forgiveness seems crazy because we operate in a world system that says you should get what you deserve. Forgiveness really makes no earthly sense at all.

People have asked me, "What is forgiveness?" Of all the symbols of forgiveness that I can think of, Jesus Christ is the most compelling. What He did for us on the cross answers the question of forgiveness: people did the unthinkable to Jesus and He didn't change His mind about loving people. Instead, He continued to love them despite the suffering and agony that they chose to put Him through.

Forgiveness is not a fantasy: it's a true story written just for us. All God asks is that we believe in the story, accept His son as our pardon and do our best to love others as best we can. That means we won't always get what we deserve and that others might do the unthinkable to us. That means we have to choose to give our relationships to God and ask Him to help us respond lovingly to the unlovable. This is the only way that we can escape the reality of getting and giving what is deserved.

I have the wisdom that comes with being a woman in her mid-thrities. I understand that we're not always going to get what we deserve. Jesus got the opposite of what he deserved. We measured Him for much less than He was. It wasn’t humanly possible for Him to take loving us so far. He didn’t even keep His own body in the end. He had only a few people who were willing to see glimmers of who He really was. He enraged people. He was a problem to be solved. He was an irritation and an inconvenience. We have such a small taste of what He received and we still can't figure out how to love like we should.

How is it possible for us to love the unlovable? We need God to help us see more like Jesus sees. We need to learn how to love without putting conditions on people. We need to receive the love people are able to give to us even when it is on their terms and in their way. That’s how we will become our best. It’s also how we will help others become their best. We need love where we have hate. It’s why we need God.

I've decided only God can help us. We don't have a chance at loving without Him. We've got to surrender the ways we try to make our relationships work. What we do to make things work doesn't work anyway. We've got to trust God to take care of our relationships with the people we love and the people we don't love well at all. We've got to surrender everyone and everything to Him. This is how forgiveness can become a part of our story. It's how our story can be one that will make our Father proud.

Sharing My Journey 

God's forgiveness and my spiritual memoir:

I love creating. I love painting my hopes and dreams. I love making something that’s beautiful to me. I love making something that shows who I am inside and what I feel. I love sharing what I create with people and watching how my creations bring them joy and encouragement. I love sharing my story with others. It’s like giving a little piece of me to someone wonderful. It’s one of my favorite ways to love the people who have loved me. It’s a way I can be an angel in return.

What about the people who aren't my lovable ones? What about the people who haven't loved me well? They're part of my story too whether I like it or not. I know that I'm supposed to love them anyway: the ones who have rejected me, laughed at me, betrayed me and wounded me. If angels are my symbol for those who have been a taste of God for me, what can I paint to represent those whom I am called to offer a taste of God? When I love the unlovable what is my symbol of forgiveness? How can I make forgiveness fit on my canvas and into my story? 

Angel with Gold Wings

People I Can Count On
Age 37


Sharing Your Journey

God's forgiveness and your spiritual memoir:

Make a list of the people you find hard to love. Consider the ways these relationships have helped, or hindered, your relationship with God. Get a red crayon and write the word "surrender" over the top of your list. Write a letter to God asking Him to help you love the people you can't love on your own. Think of your letter as a forgiveness prayer. Find a quiet place and read your letter aloud to God. Trust that He will find a way to answer you.

Make a list of the ways you believe God has already guided you to surrender and forgive. Consider how these acts of forgiveness have a place in your spiritual autobiography. Let your spiritual autobiography become a true story of forgiveness that heals, changes hearts and brings you great peace.

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Recent Work!

Orange Skittle Collage,
Age 46

I grab a button and I stick it on. I paint it bright orange. It looks like a Skittle. I leave it there. Humorous. And, I can. So I do.

Past Work! 

People on the Journey

Woman on Spiritual Journey 
On the Journey,
Age 41

I'm already on the journey. Sometimes I forget that. In fact, I often forget that. I need to remember not to strive for something that tomorrow might bring. Instead, I need to live in the moment and remember that today is part of the journey. Today, and what I do today, matters as much as the "bigger challenges" tomorrow might bring. Today I can choose to engage in what today brings and remember that what I do right now has an impact. I also need to remember that I'll make mistakes today; I won't do today perfectly. But, that's OK because I am already on the journey towards where God wants me to be. Today I can choose to trust God and everything he does with me, through me and in me.

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