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You can find examples of miracles inside your spiritual memoir through spiritual journaling! This page can help you use a spiritual journal to write about the miracles in your spiritual autobiography. Even if your story is full of struggles, you can look for the miracles within your journal.

Black Horse with Wings

It was probably hard for people to understand how I still believed in miracles, but I did. I knew people who believed that God didn't exist, and that’s how they explained why I wasn't getting better. They didn't believe in miracles anymore or they never did. I had spent my life waiting for the “big miracle” to come my way. I had waited for the miracle of being healed so that I could sleep and have peace. Then I realized that I might be misjudging what the “big miracle” was.  Maybe Jesus had already answered me but he didn’t do it in the way I had thought he would. Maybe I had missed the miracle because I was waiting for something different. Perhaps it had been right in front of my face all along. Perhaps the “big miracle” was that somehow I still believed in miracles. 

 Today I still believe in miracles. That doesn't mean that I've been completely healed or that God has taken away all my troubles. In fact, I still struggle with a lot of stuff that I have been asking God to fix for much of my life. Most of the miracles in my life are more subtle than a "big healing" or an instant fix. My faith in God in the presence of pain and disappointment is my miracle. All along I haven't really been searching for a God who will fix my life. What I've really been searching for is a God who loves me enough to answer my prayers in His best way. I no longer worry whether other people see God alive and active in my life. I don't need their affirmation to hold up my faith. My God is a God of miracles regardless of what anyone thinks.

Sharing My Journey 

Finding examples of miracles in my life:

I begin a new painting. I play with perspective. Some like my skewed views and others criticize them. They say I'm technically immature, or they say I'm advanced beyond my years. I decide it's not a good idea for me to pay attention to what "they" think. Vitality could be lost in an attempt to make every line do what it's supposed to do. If I copy what I see and I copy it well, but it's not passionate, then what have I achieved?

I'm tired of pleasing others and that’s a miracle. If there's one place I'm not going to satisfy everyone else it's on my canvas. I have a place where there are no rules and no people I care to appease. It's the one place where I feel completely free. It's the place where only what I want matters. I'm impervious to judgments and criticisms. Think or say what you want about what I create. I don't care. You can't touch me here.

I have a place where I can go where everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter and that is one gigantic miracle. Maybe, by modern day standards, my miracle isn’t “big enough” to qualify as a miracle? Maybe, the idea of a “religious” miracle seems like an accident or chance? I guess it depends on your definition of a modern day miracle. For me, when God moves and changes my life, that’s a miracle for yesterday, modern day and tomorrow. My miracles come stripped of “religious” expectations: God can love anyone (including me) from anywhere without rules and restrictions. When it comes to simple, straight forward, unadulterated modern day miracles, I’m a believer!

Victorian House Painting

Completely Free
Age 24


Sharing Your Journey

Finding examples of miracles in your life:

The idea of miracles can seem too "religious" or almost ridiculous for many. Their definition of a modern day miracle is limited to the complete healing from stage three cancers or the paraplegic who walks again. A broader definition of miracles can surprise us and show us that miracles really do happen. When friends forgive us, when a child is born, when the seasons change and when great joy is experienced, you are in the presence of a miracle. Look for the miraculous in your life and make it a part of your spiritual story.

We long for miracles. We long for the miraculous. Many of us long for a God that proves that He is real. Some of us think Jesus Christ is a fairytale that we wish would come true. When it comes right down to it we are hungry for a God who makes our life miraculous.

What miracles do you long for? Jot down these wishes and desires and consider what they say about your spirituality. Write a letter to God about your wants and needs. Ask Him to help you find deep satisfaction. Believe that God wants to do a modern day miracle in your life. Believe that He wants to be the answer to your wishes, desires, wants and needs. Trust that He can bring you the miracle of deep satisfaction. Believe that God has a place for miracles right inside your spiritual story. Believe that He can make the miraculous part of your spiritual autobiography.

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Past Work!

Angel Picture

Angel with Feathers
Real Life Angels,
Age 38

I enjoy the freedom I find when I make art. I can't make any mistakes when I create. My creations don't talk back, they don't accuse and they don't judge. I get to decide what to make and how to make it. When I'm finished creating I feel like I've said something important, and I feel like I've said it well. Sometimes, my canvas speaks more clearly than words. It allows me to be myself in ways I can't begin to articulate.

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