Counting Your Blessings with Spiritual Memoir

Spiritual journaling can help you with counting your blessings. When you write about your story inside your spiritual journal, you begin to see your blessings as part of your spiritual autobiography. My spiritual memoir includes my bittersweet moments: the sadness mixed with the blessings. Writing in my journal helps me to see the blessings in spite of the challenges of my life.

Spiritual Memoir Angel

My 27th Christmas was bittersweet. The sad part was that Christmas was going to be different soon. Once Craig and I were married we would share holidays. Sometimes, I knew I wouldn't even be with my mom and dad on Christmas day. Instead, I'd be celebrating with Craig’s family. I knew this was all a natural part of spending your life with someone. That didn't change the fact that I was still sad that some of my good things would have to change.

I have always loved Christmas in my parents’ home. We would always start the celebration with the little things. We'd take barrels of ornaments down from the attic. The tree would be chosen and left outside waiting. A few preliminary decorations were set about before the big day: colored lights were put around the kitchen window, stockings were placed in front of the fire place, mistletoe was hung above the French doors leading to the dining room, and the green, bell shaped music box with the silky tassel was hung from the living room door knob. The electric train came out to serve as a child’s much needed diversion in a sea of mounting excitement. Everyone would be eager. It was a wonderful time.

Even when something wonderful happens to you there is still some loss. It's wonderful to have a husband and a family but this new life comes with loss. In some cases, all I'm left with are good memories. These good memories matter to me. They are the reminders of the blessings God has given me and they are reminders that God is the giver of all good things. I am now finding that his wonderful, bittersweet new life I now have is because of Him.

What kind of life do you have because of Him? What are your past and present blessings? Do you see God as the giver of all your good things? What is the source of what matters to you? How can your spiritual autobiography help you count your spiritual blessings?

Sharing My Journey

Counting my blessings:

As children, we were sent to bed before the final Christmas touches were put in place. Now that I’m an adult I get to help with the very last details. My nephews are sleeping. We’re all excited to wake them so we can see their faces as they look upon the fully decorated tree, and its ocean of gifts, for the first time.

We wake my little nephews. They come downstairs and see it all. We delight in their delight. Then, we sing. We sing even though we can’t sing well. Together, we stand before the tree, fully loaded with blessings, and we sing about that silent night. We just sing one song, but it’s the best song. It’s a song that brings nostalgia mixed with hope. Hope that one holy night, when all was calm and unsuspecting, Jesus came. I feel indescribable peace. The fire crackles, our voices sing out of key, and I know why this night is so splendid. I am surrounded by the people I love the most, and I am certain that He is real. Every other good thing I can imagine pales in comparison, and all that matters to me is joined together in one glorious moment. Love surrounds us all and is all. Life, for one moment, is perfectly good.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Perfectly Good
Age 27


Sharing Your Journey

Counting your blessings:

Pray and ask God for His help as you take a look at your spiritual blessings. List all the things that matter to you and circle what's most important. What do these choices say about what you value? How are they a reflection of your spirituality? Write down your thoughts about how God has blessed you.

Consider spiritual blessings as an aspect of your own spiritual story. How can spiritual blessings become a part of your spiritual autobiography? Are they a theme or a sidebar? Is there a place for spiritual blessings in your spiritual memoir?

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Past Work!

People Praying Together

People Praying in a Circle
Joined Together,
Age 42

Watching the news pains me. I am beginning to understand just how heavily we are divided as a nation and as a world. It has been a long time since I have experienced such a lack of connectedness with my family, friends, and community. I see that we are struggling to get back to a place where we are united by a common vision. I fear our joined prayers are weak: not strong enough to even begin to reach the place where they can be heard. Still, I hold fast to the idea that we can join together.

Imagine that somehow our prayers make a noise that reaches the heavens. Consider the possibility that as more voices join together, the greater the sound, and the more likely our petitions will reach the feet of God. Joined Together is about our united prayers being strong enough to reach God's ears. Nothing is required but the simple, peaceful act of holding hands, joining together and asking for help.

This God I speak of “joining with” is not my God. He is everyone’s God. In my heart, He does not divide by ethnicity, faith, sex, social status or political view. This God is OUR shared hope. Joined Together with Him I imagine a world where our prayers are not silent. I hear a sound loud enough to change the world.

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