Finding Hope through Spiritual Journaling 


Angel of Hope

I want to begin with hope. Hope matters to me. When I wrote my spiritual autobiography I tried to choose memories that resonated with hope. This didn't mean that I always chose happy memories. It did mean that I cared, and still do care, about finding the light in the darkness: finding that light brings me hope. I pray it will bring others hope too. Hope is the source of all spiritual direction.

Hope is my inspiration. Simply sharing your personal testimony with a good friend over a cup of coffee has power. A Christian testimony can reveal the power Jesus Christ has to rebuild a life. A spiritual story from your journal can become a personal testimony of salvation for someone else. A vignette from your life can become proof, for someone else, that God exists. Blog postings, Facebook pages and posts to Twitter can make a difference. Joining a support group can become support for you and someone else. Don’t limit the opportunities you have to share! Before you know it, your spiritual autobiography, or spiritual memoir, will emerge!



Sharing My Journey

Finding hope from my beginning:

I'm at my kitchen table in my family room. I'm making a picture. It's a picture of a red and blue boat on the water. My mom is lying on the couch in the room with me. She doesn't feel well and I know it. It makes me sad. I want her attention. I know how to get it. I pick up my drawing and I bring it over to her. "Mommy," I say. "Look what I made." She looks at my picture and smiles. She tells me that she likes what I made. Her words make me feel special. I believe I'm an artist because my mom says that I am one.

Sailboat Picture

Setting Sail
Age 6


Sharing Your Journey

Finding hope from your beginning:

What are your earliest memories? Briefly list and describe three early memories. Select one memory from the list and write down whatever it brings to mind. Include sensations, time frame, images, smells, emotions and details associated with this memory. Trust that God will bring to mind what is needed to explore this memory. Know that He will guide you.

Consider the ways your early memories have shaped you. In what ways have your good childhood memories made you stronger spiritually, physically and emotionally? How have childhood memories interfered with your desire to live a life of peace and integrity? Use your early memories to make connections between your past and your present experience. Write down what you uncover. Share your discoveries with a trusted counselor or friend. Don’t be surprised if sharing shows you that someone has been where you are. Expect to encourage and be encouraged. Enjoy the benefits of beginning to share your story.

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.

Latest Work!

Orange Vase,
Age 47

I know I don't draw really well. I know there are many artists who blow my work out of the water. Should that stop me? I've had many teachers tell me I have a knack with color. Isn't that what painting is about anyway? And seriously, even if I am a "Half Talent" at best (but painting brings me peace and joy) shouldn't I create and share. Maybe other people, regardless of their "talent" will create, share, find peace and joy along with me! What more could be the point of it all? We make it all about talent. Creating is only for the "artists" is the message even inside elementary art classrooms. How sad is that. You might say my Orange Vase is ugly. Well, I had a fabulous time making it and someone else is going to make art today because I shared. Neither if it's beautiful or ugly is the point.

"Half is talent. Half is thick skin."
Author Unknown

Past Work!

God's Armor
Inside God's Armor,
Age 40

I want to believe something new. Inside my head is all this old stuff that has nothing to do with God's truth about me or anyone else. It's funk that needs to go. I need a place where I can start to believe the new truth about myself and everyone else. I read chapter 6 in the book of Ephesians. It's all about the Armor of God. I imagine myself inside that armor and I imagine that I've found a safe place to start believing something new. Inside it I'm protected from all the agitation, all the bad feelings and the sense that the old funk can't be made new. Inside God's Armor I have my Belt of Truth, my Breastplate of Righteousness, my shoes fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace and my faith shielding me. With it all, I can extinguish all the flaming arrows that come my way. Inside the armor I am safe, peaceful, calm and protected. Inside it I have what I need to believe something new.

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