My Spiritual Autobiography:

the First Three Decades

Birth to Thirty:

You can share your personal testimony, spiritual memoir or spiritual autobiography here at Journey on Canvas. You can start keeping your spiritual autobiography inside a spiritual journal. This site will help you begin keeping a journal. The first step of spiritual journaling is figuring out what matters in your spiritual life and writing it down. The process of writing your spiritual memoir will have a natural focus on what matters in your life. People who want to write down their stories want their life to matter. They want it to make a difference.

I want my life to matter. I want it to make a difference for someone. This is why I choose to share my story. I don't know which parts will matter most to someone. That's why I chose to start sharing with my earliest memories and carefully decided on which memories to include and leave out. I prayed about my choices. I let God help me make decisions about how to best share what He had done in my life. He helped me decide where to begin and He helped me continue to the place where I find myself sharing today. Throughout it all it has been my desire that my story will matter. If my journey helps someone then it has mattered. Then my spiritual autobiography will have found its voice.

Angel Dancing Art

Let It Matter

My ordinary life-
Let it not be a meaningless journey-
Where only bad is found where there is also much good-
In which happiness has been lost and forgotten-
Memories are only of pain, sadness and loss-

Let what is good shine in the dark places-
What was right silence what is best forgotten-
May truth call into the light what heals, gives joy and brings life-
Redeem my journey, Lord.
Let it matter.

Sharing My Journey 

My personal testimony begins:

In my house there are a lot of big rugs with fancy designs on them. The rugs are worn, and they’re prickly when you sit on them. The house is cold, so I’m sitting on a pretty, prickly rug instead of on the floor. All around me are designs: designs on the rugs, designs on the bedspreads, and designs on the wallpaper. My mom loves designs, patterns and colors. Some of the walls in our house don’t have designs, but they’re painted funny colors. My dining room has pink walls and a big fancy carpet that's really big. My mom likes to decorate and she likes to have parties. When people come to visit they talk about my fancy house. They like the big dining room with the pink walls and they like my mom.

I want to make a picture. I draw a vase. I put flowers on the vase. I draw a gray flower, a green flower, a blue flower and an orange flower. The flowers make a nice design on the vase like the designs I see around me. I color the walls behind the vase a funny color. I choose orange. Orange goes good with the fancy vase with the flower designs. I like it. I think my mom will like it too.

Flowers for Mom Drawing

Flowers for My Mom
Age 7


Sharing Your Journey

Your personal testimony begins:

Where does one begin their spiritual autobiography? I began by sifting through old photographs, old memories and old art work. I sifted through my childhood. As I sifted, I looked for threads, or commonalities, that weaved their way through my life. I discovered that much of what I believed about God took root when I was just a small child. I wrote down what I discovered in my journal. I picked the most vivid memories and I put them to words. I didn't worry about how each memory had a part in my story. I just wrote and let the "parts" reveal themselves.

Looking back on my journal entries, I am satisfied with the sifting process that I used. It suited me and it helped me make sense of my past. Consider what process for "remembering" will suit you. Maybe you want to list memories in your journal? Then you will have a place to go back to, so you can decide which memories you'd like to further explore. Perhaps, you want to start with your favorite early memories? Maybe you'd like to create some sketches that connect you with your early years?  What images would you include in such a sketch? Give yourself time to sift through your early years. Give yourself time to decide what has always mattered most to you.

Trust God to help you begin your personal testimony. My spiritual memoir is a Christian testimony, because my belief in Jesus Christ was central to my story when I began sharing. Trust that God will be with you as you share and that He will help you tell your own story in your own way. Use your journal for the sifting process so you can reflect, organize and connect your past experiences with your present spirituality. Let your journal become a place to explore and document your past, so that you can find the pieces of your true story memoir. Let your journal become a place to make sense out of who you have become and the ways your past is a part of who you are today. Regardless of your approach, or beliefs, your journal can be the place for you to begin to find a voice for your spiritual autobiography.

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.


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Latest Work!

Big Belly Vase,
Age 47

It isn't really blue, but I paint it blue anyway. The wall wasn't orange either, but I can. Big Belly Vase is my business, not yours. Close your eyes if you don't like what you see.

Past Work!

Spiritual Warfare Art

Spiritual Warfare Picture
I Am God's Child,
Age 40

I want to be perfect and I try to be perfect all by myself. I know my efforts won't work but I keep trying anyway. God is after me, though. I know he doesn't want me to keep on living this way. He hates the way my perfectionism wears me down leaving me open to the attacks and scrutiny of this crazy world. He wants me to rest secure in His love for me without worrying about today's latest accomplishment and failures. I want to rest secure, too. I know I need Him and I know that my perfectionism needs to go. I talk to God about where I'm at with it all inside my journal. I ask Him if I'm a good enough mother, I ask Him if I'm a good enough person and I just plain ask Him if I'm good enough. As always, He has something encouraging to say and I write it down. God says, "Alisa, I want you to trust me when I say that you're my child and I love you. I want you to trust me when I say that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I want you to trust me when I say that I have made you for an important purpose. I want you to trust me with all of you: the fixed and broken parts. Do you trust me?" His words point me to the place I need to go: the trusting place. It's the place where I don't need to be perfect and my efforts are needless. It's the place where I can rest secure. It's a perfect place and it's also the place where I don't ever need to be perfect. 

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